About us

OzLease will GUARANTEE your investment Property income for 10 long years even:

  • If the property is vacant at any time during the 10 Years
  • If the tenant doesn't pay their rent for any reason
  • If the tenant is late paying their rent

OzLease - the Safe Way to Invest in Property

Since its introduction in July 1998 not one of our clients under the '10 Year Leaseback Guarantee' has lost a single day's rental income, Not a single day... little wonder we have assisted over 3,000 clients who have chosen to enjoy the security offered by our '10 Year Leaseback Guarantee'. What happens when a tenant moves out and your property becomes vacant? Somebody has to make up for the shortfall in rental income until a new tenant is found. Normally that somebody is you, the property investor. Depending on how long the property is vacant this can be a drain on your financial resources and a complication in life you could well do without. We have a solution that 'sounds too good to be true', "The OzLease Leaseback Guarantee".

No Worries

It's all very simple, OzLease will contract with the Owner/s to become the primary tenant. We are responsible for covering the rent, whatever the circumstances. All you need to know is that without fail, every month for 10 years the market rental value of your property will be deposited in your bank account.

Who Else Offers this Level of Security?

Who else, in Australia offers comparable flexibility, investor security and stability of the leaseback system - ours has survived the test of time? We've had 'imitators' that try and duplicate the OzLease Leaseback, but they come and go, not having the strength of the security, conviction or confidence in their product to be continually looking after their clients for the long haul. In the current economic climate, what other investment opportunity offers you the safety of a 10 year guarantee with the added peace of mind and security that the guarantee of rental payments is backed by the JDT-OZLEASE Trust, which is independently operated and managed by Jardine Group Services, a division of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Australia, one of the largest international insurance and risk management service provider organisations in the world. OzLease is the safe and easy way to secure your rental income, we GUARANTEE it.